Damage Waiver Information


As a Hire Smart customer, you are responsible for the equipment you hire from us and will be held liable for any loss, theft or damage to the equipment.  The Hire Smart Limited, Limited Damage Wavier is a simple, cost effective way for you to significantly reduce your liability in the event of accidental loss, theft or damage.

Paying the Limited Damage Wavier fee provides piece of mind every time you hire and can eliminate the need for you to take out your own separate costly insurance policy.

While Limited Damage Waiver is not insurance, it is a quick and easy way for you to potentially reduce your costs if something happens to the equipment.  Limited Damage Waiver can will automatically be included in your hire.


Limited Damage Waiver cover is simple to understand

Ordinary insurance policies are usually many pages long, filled with complex legal and insurance terminology.

The coverage provided by the Limited Damage Waiver is set out in your terms of hire.


Limited Damage Waiver will cover administrative costs and consequential loss.

If your equipment is lost, stolen or damaged in the normal course of business while on hire, other than the excess we may not make claim against you.

Commercial insurance policies may not extend to cover these additional costs in the same way the Limited Damage Waiver does.


A claim on Limited Damage Waiver will save you from claiming on your own insurance policy.

Making a claim under your Limited Damage Wavier means one less claim you need to make on your private insurance policy, so your claims history and any no claim bonus you have is preserved.



Examples of events which your Limited Damage Waiver CAN cover, include:

  • If equipment is stolen from your secured building site, garage or locked storage container;
  • If you accidentally damage the equipment while you are using it in its intended manner;
  • If you damage equipment while transporting it, provided you loaded and secured the equipment properly and did not collide with an overhead structure.



Excessive wear and tear

Excessive wear and tear and damage under the excess is not covered by the Limited Damage Waiver.  Damage or breakage of wearing parts is at your cost including but not limited to;

  • Teeth, tyres, hoses, glass, scratches, paint damage, upholstery tears etc


The full list of exclusions can be found in the Hire Smart Terms and Conditions of Hire.



The Limited Damage Waiver carries an excess payable by the customer; the excess will be up to the first $2500 plus GST for any one item of equipment unless otherwise specified (or if the replacement cost of the equipment is less than the excess) the replacement cost of the equipment.

Just like the policies of insurance, there are some circumstances where the Limited Damage Waiver will not apply.  These generally relate to situations where you have caused the loss, theft or damage through your negligence.  Examples of situations where the Limited Damage Wavier will not apply include, if the loss, theft or damage has arisen because:

  • You failed to use the equipment in accordance with our instructions;
  • You failed to properly maintain or lubricate the equipment;
  • You have overloaded the equipment;
  • You exposed the equipment to corrosive or caustic substances; or;
  • You failed to safely store the equipment in a secure place or breached some other term of the Hire Smart Terms & Conditions of Hire;
  • Gross negligence, intentional, malicious, reckless or deliberate acts or omissions, dishonestly or fraud occurred;



Limited Damage Waiver is conveniently applied directly to your hire agreement, without needing to complete any complex forms.

In the case of accidental loss, theft or damage once you follow a few simple steps and agree to pay your Limited Damage Waiver Excess, we may waive your responsibility for any costs associated with the repair or replacement of the damaged equipment. *


* assuming no exclusions set out in the Hire Smart Terms & Conditions apply and you have provided Hire Smart with the information we require.