Storage Terms & Conditions



For the purpose of this document Hire Smart Ltd hereinafter known as “THE OWNER” will rent covered, lockable storage space hereinafter known as “THE LOCKUP” to signing party hereinafter known as “THE LESSEE” located at Kerry Lane, Hawera hereinafter known as “THE STORAGE FACILITY”.

  1. THE LESSEE shall abide by all General Terms & Conditions endorsed hereon.
  2. THE LESSEE shall not store anything in THE LOCKUP that may be the cause of nuisance to THE OWNER or any other lessees or neighbours.
  3. THE LESSEE shall remove all items (including rubbish) from THE LOCKUP and THE STORAGE FACILITY upon vacation.
  4. THE LESSEE shall not assign or transfer this Storage Lease Agreement or give possession of THE LOCKUP to any third party without the consent in writing of THE OWNER.
  5. THE LESSEE must not block vehicle access to other lessees using THE STORAGE FACILITY.
  6. THE LESSEE shall make no additions or alterations whatsoever to THE LOCKUP.
  7. THE LESSEE shall be liable for any damage incurred to any access way whatsoever resulting from movements made by THE LESSEE or their authorised moving party.
  8. THE OWNER shall be entitled to enter and inspect (in the presence of THE LESSEE) the condition of THE LOCKUP and make any necessary repairs, improvements or other work that THE OWNER considers appropriate at a time to be arranged with THE LESSEE.
  9. THE OWNER shall not be liable for any damage whatsoever to any stored goods in the possession of the LESSEE whether by theft, fire, water or otherwise.
  10. This Storage Lease Agreement may be terminated by either party giving one weeks notice in writing to the other party.
  11. Any notice THE OWNER requires to send to THE LESSEE shall be given to THE LESSEE at the address given by THE LESSEE at the commencement of the lease, or any subsequent changed address given in writing to THE OWNER by THE LESSEE and any notice so given shall be sufficient for service of notice.
  12. All above conditions referring to THE OWNER also include the manager of THE STORAGE FACILITY.
  13. THE LESSEE shall pay rent on or before each due date by a method as approved by THE OWNER. Failure to do so will result in THE LESSEE being denied access to THE LOCKUP at THE STORAGE FACILITY.
  14. A late payment fee (refer Hire Smart price list) will be charged if THE LESSEE fails to make payment by the due payment date.
  15. An access reinstatement fee (refer Hire Smart price list) will be charged if THE LESSEE is denied access for non-payment of storage fees.
  16. Accounts overdue for more than seven (7) days will incur debt recovery costs and interest on unpaid rent at 10% pa.
  17. If any payment of rent shall be in arrears and unpaid for fourteen (14) days THE OWNER shall be entitled without making any demand or giving any notice to distrain for rent and complete such distress.
  18. If THE OWNER becomes entitled to distrain for rent or if THE LESSEE vacates THE LOCKUP leaving any goods in THE LOCKUP, THE OWNER shall be entitled to enter and remove from THE LOCKUP any goods belonging to THE LESSEE and dispose of them at the cost of THE LESSEE without being responsible for any loss or damage to those goods or for the value of them.
  19. This Storage Lease Agreement replaces any existing Storage Lease Agreement between the parties.




  1. All goods are to be carted, stored, and locked up by THE LESSEE, who will retain all keys to their rented lockup.
  2. Rent payment terms are monthly in advance.
  3. Long term discount rates are only available with advance payment.
  4. Insurance is the sole responsibility of THE LESSEE. Most insurance companies if asked will transfer existing contents insurance policies to the storage lockup address. Address for insurance is Kerry Lane, Hawera.
  5. No animals allowed on complex.
  6. Automatic security gate will remain open for only 30 seconds after opening. DO NOT under any circumstances park across the gateway or damage to property may result.
  7. Speed on the complex must not to exceed 5 km/h.
  8. THE LESSEE must supply their own padlock to secure their stored items and will retain all keys.
  9. Entry and exit times are recorded for security purposes.
  10. Access times are from 7am to 7pm (8pm during daylight savings) seven days per week.
  11. Absolutely “NO SMOKING” within the complex.
  12. Storage of the following is not permitted
    1. Explosives, ammunition, or any dangerous substance.
    2. Any items that could cause or lead to a fire.
  • Flammable paint, fuel, solvents, hazardous substances, etc.
  1. It is recommended that fuel tanks be drained before storage.
  2. Storage of any type of food.
  3. Any form of illegal substance or drugs.
  1. No manufacturing, repairs, restoring, renovating, sanding, spray painting, or activity other than storage may be carried out at the storage facility.